Increase your Tolerance to Pain with Water

Increase your Tolerance to Pain

Dismissing water from your daily diet can lead to some obvious conditions like fatigue. But could pain tolerance be connected with water?

Increase your Tolerance to PainAccording to research published in the journal Psychophysiology, drinking water can actually help sustain your tolerance to pain. For the study, seventeen healthy male participants were put through two tests: one where they regularly consumed the clear liquid, and the second which required neglecting the beverage for 24 hours. After each test, the researchers dunked the participants’ feet in ice cold water (0-3 degrees) for a maximum of four minutes.

They discovered that when the males were in the “dehydrated state,” their inclination to yank away their toes was far more greater than when they were fully fueled with water. Meaning, their perception and sensitivity to pain was significantly higher when deprived of water.

Consider the tactic next time you try recovering with an ice bath. Or better yet, up your HappyWater intake in general.

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