Happy Water Sdn. Bhd. (HappyWater) is a German owned and managed company that was established in Malaysia on July 2008. HappyWater is a leading water company and beverage distributor that is supplying quality water and beverages in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley area. HappyWater is pioneering the concept of being green by


promoting reusable 5 Gallon bottles that are delivered to homes and offices, instead of just using single use bottles that land up in landfills.



The HappyWater mission is to supply products and services with German quality and punctuality, at fair prices.

Perjanjian Usahasama Antara Malaysia Dengan Jerman
Malaysia / Germany Joint Venture


HappyWater is supplying a full range of water products, including our own HappyWater brand. HappyWater is also offering OEM services from cup size to 20 litre bottles and is distributing beverages from most of the leading manufacturers. In addition to a large range of beverages, HappyWater is furthermore supplying Accessories such as water dispensers, drinking cups and more. HappyWater is proud of its efficient delivery system that ensures that customers receive their water, beverages and accessories to their home or business on time.

HappyWater even offers full turn-key factory design and manufacture facility building services. Our expertise will ensure that your factory is build with the right standards that enable you to get certified to export your products worldwide.

Please call for more information, instant quotations or to setup a appointment with one of our sales representatives.

Local Kuala Lumpur Tel:  03 – 4043 4090
International Contact Number: Tel: +60 (3) 4043-4090
Fax: +60 (3) 4043-6005
Skype: happywatermalaysia (click to call)
or use our online contact form
or use the live chat on our site www.HappyWater.my to get connected to a live representative


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